Reviews of Google CEO to Facebook

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Larry Page has said that in the journey of Facebook to new products, the social network is doing “a very bad job.”


Larry Page, CEO of Google, rarely giving interviews, and when he does not usually aim to launch the competition.However, just made ​​a statement to Wired in which rails against Facebook’s ability to offer new products and position in other markets.

Although Page says that Facebook is “strong” in their field , also shows that the company is “doing a really bad job in their product line.”

These criticisms come to light just at the time that Facebook has just announced its solution Graph Search, a new business area directed to search with entering directly compete with Google.

Facebook is now more to Google and try to be the latter, in turn, more social, so will limit both companies are blurring , as stated a few days ago the Wall Street Journal .

However, Page said that Google has a good ability to envision possibilities and entry into new game options will not prevent “maintain the status quo.”

As expected, Google CEO also spoke  in the interview about the rivalry with Apple , referring to the manufacturer’s inclination to make only “a very small number of things,” he is doing quite well, but not is the strategy for Google.

Google faces new challenges aimed  at developing creative initiatives, such as your car project autoconducción or top secret laboratory Google X, which Larry Page would like to devote more time to continue innovating.

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