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About three years ago, in The New York Times published an interesting article entitled “The worst day in the history of Nokia”. I apologize for not attaching a link, but I have not been able to find it after so long. The analysis in question, outlining the decisions that the Finnish company had taken (or lack thereof) the day after Apple submitted its iPhone, as well as the series of blunders and mistakes that led them to take nearly three years to react after the launch of the Cupertino and also in a clumsy and inadequate. As we all know, that eventually led them to lose a lot of thought indisputable hegemony on the global mobile and most talked saw the fall of a company in recent years. Nokia has been a giant with feet of clay that has moved slowly, but finally it has, of the hand in this time of Microsoft and its Windows Phone operating system. After five years, we can say that its line of high-end Smartphones is perfectly trimmed and lends itself to compete with Android or iOS sharks at this aquarium is consumer technology. A magnificent proof of the good work of Nokia is the Lumia 820, a smartphone equipped with Windows Phone 8, of excellent quality that we will get their hands on the already.


Nokia is a hardware manufacturer and learned in business and that’s how he got to be the industry leader for more than a decade. True, the tables were turned and suddenly it was not good enough to make hollow parts, but it shows that inheritance and distilled in each of its new handsets, that now have a special motor. The choice for its new range of smartphones goes for simplicity and minimalism. The Lumia 820 is a clear proof of this. A grid lines in a terminal very flat, with little outgoing and blunt edges. The back is an interchangeable cap that gives us the option to purchase an accessory for wireless charging we could test with good results.

Soft and lacquer or gummy depending gives the housing you choose, and at the front, everything revolves around the protection glass protruding a few millimeters. Nothing particularly noted, but a very smooth and pleasant, isolated rounded designs of the last Android and the same entity as any Apple design. Good ergonomics and excellent grip on a device that can be used with a single thumb and hand despite its generous 4.3 inch. Since its previous range, Nokia is still committed to the piece and measures will be contained until the housing opt for wireless charging, otherwise probably from becoming a bit excessive. Height 123.8 mm, width of 68.5 mm, thickness of 9.9 mm and a weight of 160g are your full measurements.

The great strength of the future Nokia is undoubtedly the auspices of the Redmond and Windows Phone 8. In reality, at this point we think that more than a toast to the sun, the play of the Finns is little more than a gigantic bet that probably do not fit the middle wins. Or Windows Phone 8 is a significant gap in the landscape of smartphones or status battered and Nokia will be little more than an unrecoverable inuendo doomed. This does not escape the directors of Northern defectors, and therefore has been placed on improving WP8 impressive mime to fit like a glove Nokia devices.

No one is aware that there are dark alliances and connections between Microsoft and Nokia, and indeed, in many ways one might think that operating systems are designed on an ad-hoc devices Finns. Well, all this was evident with the previous wave of devices that betting on Windows Phone 7 and has been sublimated in this version “8”. Virtually no differences from the previous version … I?. WP8 is definitely much faster and more pleasant to use than WP7, but it’s all a matter of perception. The changes are subtle and certainly affect the most criticized aspects of the previous operating system, such as personalization, but we can certainly make sure that while we had huge problems with WP7 to change our Android or iOS by one of these devices and echábamos of less functionality and applications everywhere, with this new WP8 has not happened and we have felt the same sense of full functionality from almost the beginning.

Nokia also provides lots of interesting software for your devices, including Nokia Maps for navigation and many other applications which unfortunately are not yet fully integrated in our country, but yet it is quite remarkable how nice and spirited daily use and the very short adjustment period required to begin work 100%. To be honest, it’s true that we miss a lot of applications, but each day the catalog continues to grow and the future looks bright for Windows Phone 8.

Nokia did not take the short standard dual core in its previous range of smartphones, and this was perhaps one of the factors that has passed a bill to devices that were released technically obsolete, at least on paper. Well, although the Lumia 820 has raised the bar, we can not say that to be a top model. To be completely honest, WP8 clarify that moves like a charm with the technical section of the 820, but whatever that comparisons are odious, the 820 suffers if we put it head to head against other current industry thoroughbreds. The engine chosen was a dual core Snapdragon 1.5 GHz As we said it is the top of what can be found, but an excellent motor reactor to run on WP8.

Nokia Lumia 820 Analysis

Nokia Lumia 820 Analysis

As for autonomy, again could have waited a little longer since the 1650 mAh may not be sufficient to the voracity of WP8. The new operating system has inherited its predecessor Bastard feature makes difficult to know the state of charge of our battery, and this, coupled with the new phones suck energy for punishment, do that after we have finished our testing hardly a day on a single charge.Now, not a drama, it is perhaps only a small gap that could be remedied with some refinement even operating system. The wireless charging can help in certain situations, but for now and until blended and universalized, no longer a cosmetic detail and curious.

The Lumia 820 also carries 1GB of internal memory and FM radio. Micro SD slot, micro USB and 3.5mm jack for headphones, complete physical connections of this Nokia device, while the connectivity section is well stocked with Wifi a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, LTE and HSDPA, connective covering any need we may have.

Nokia thinks of as a Lumia 820 Lumia 920 for every budget, and one of the areas where this is most noticeable on the screen that is significantly lower than that of his older brother. We speak here of a capacitive panel 4.3 inch Amoled and 820×480 pixels. Actually the quality is much better than the numbers suggest and Amoled saturation gives an edge that offsets the relatively low resolution of the screen. Great for everyday use, can perform well outdoors or high light conditions and is generally more than enough but it would be foolish to say we do not like to see in the 820 something more spectacular.

The 820 rides a backlit 8 MP camera that offers a maximum resolution of 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, and enhanced brightness. Nokia has always displayed the Karl Zeiss optics that carry their devices and in this case is no exception. An excellent camera almost everywhere over its competitors and with an extra quality drinking from his magnificent lens. Meanwhile the front camera is 640×480 pixels.

Nokia is making great steps forward to try to regain his throne as the industry leader in mobile telephony worldwide. Being honest is unlikely to happen again seeing the juggernaut of Apple or Samsung, but it is equally true that going in the right direction. I was one of those who was deeply disappointed with Windows Phone 7 that did not fulfill any of the expectations. For this is the time to say that switching to Windows Phone 8 has been a significant improvement and a C’s market. It is true that it is not acceptable that the whole range of ancient Nokia with WP7 WP8 not upgradeable, but after trying the Lumia 820 is required to give a vote of confidence to Nokia and what lies ahead. We’re expecting the Lumia 920 and we will give a good account as soon as we arrive and we must give him the benefit of the doubt as it promises much. Now, is it worth switching from iOS or Android to WP8?. Well probably still be missing a better stocked app store and, although we have never had a smartphone all three platforms out almost from the same square one, if you have owned one of these devices change makes little sense and this, in such a saturated market is a big problem. However, if you fancy trying something new, we want to encourage everyone to try this WP8 Nokia Lumia 820, a great phone and a new experience to advise.


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