Researchers create supercomputer system using mobile phones with Android

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You may have read about those computers that run networks leveraging the speed of processing multiple machines to perform extremely complex calculations. These are called grids and there are several examples of its use, such as the World Community Grid , which makes use of volunteer PCs worldwide to find a cure for various diseases.

Based on this concept of join processing multiple devices, the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, has developed a way to connect phones with the Android system and make them work together for a single device.

Through Wi-Fi connections, scholars joined six gadgets, each with a capacity to hold 5.8 million calculations per second. Working together, they managed to create a network capable of performances of up to 26.2 million calculations.

As the concept worked well during testing at the University now, the researchers are seeking a way to implement the idea in a practical day to day lives. And various applications have been designed for this new grid.

According to them, a passenger train could connect their gadgets in an internal network within the vehicle. So he would win a large processing capacity and, thus, could bring extremely precise information about your location or the weather, for example.

Other ideas have had even more “fancy” as the realization of flashmobs in specific locations to break Wi-Fi network passwords Better yet, what if you and your brothers in the future, they can add their cell phones to create a superpotent computer at home?


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