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An interesting innovation can be seen these days on the stand in the Sony CES 2013 (of course, in addition to the flagship smartphones Xperia Z and ZL, presented the day before). It turns out that you can surprise the audience and simple remote control. At Sony, they were a little bit smarter.

Now, apart from the usual functions of the remote control can be used as a transmitter of content from the phone to a large screen or powerful speakers entertainment center. Implemented a similar focus through technology NFC. Enough to bring control to your phone (in this case it about the line of Sony Xperia, supporting NFC), as will be activated mirroring, and currently playing file in streaming video will direct to the TV. Successful remote connection notices inform joyful vibration. Second touch – and the connection is terminated by the user.

As can be seen, this approach greatly simplifies the process of “pairing” of a mobile device with a “big brother.” It only remains to see whether to introduce similar technology in their products Apple and Samsung, a leader in the smartphone market, and the latter also takes an important place among TV manufacturers.

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