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First smartphone mobile operating system Ubuntu will be available in October 2013, according to resources referring to the founder and CEO of Canonical, creator of Ubuntu,Mark Shuttleworth.


According to Shuttleworth, in this period will begin smartphone sales in the two “major geographic regions.”But he did not specify what kind of regions.We only know that North America – one of the largest and most developed regions of the global smartphone market – they are not included. Shuttleworth does not consider North America a key market for Ubuntu-selling smartphones.

Chapter Canonical also did not say whether they will start to selling one or more models of smartphones in October, and at what price the device will be sold.Reported that sales of smartphones are interested, several operators, but their names are not known.

System requirements are minimal mobile version of Ubuntu, so the system can be run on devices with cheap stuffed (512 MB RAM).The cost of smartphones are expected to be low.

Mobile operating system will work with native applications Ubuntu – that is, developers can create a single application for the desktop and mobile versions.

With the smartphone operating system Ubuntu will cover all types of devices and equipment – from mobile gadgets to workstations and servers.It will simplify management and reduce maintenance costs of computer technology in the companies that use the ecosystem.

However, Canonical will not be easy to go to the corporate market.First, she has to deal with two market leaders Android and iOS, which led the trend, “bring your own device» (BYOD) – companies where employees use personal gadgets for business purposes.Second, for Ubuntu does not yet exist as applications as released for the two platforms.

At the end of February 2013 Canonical plans to release a developer image mobile version of Ubuntu, which they can be installed on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus.Preliminary version of the company demonstrated at the show in early January.

Add that to the current year’s scheduled debut of another Linux-smartphone platform – Firefox OS.In January, Mozilla and its partners – Geeksphone and Telephone – introduced the first smartphones based on it.These sales will be launched in the I quarter of 2013 pilot selected Brazil market with low penetration of smartphone.

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