Reinforces Apple iPad tablets versus Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface

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  • The iPad 4 appears only six months after the current iPad
  • The iPad mini has 7.9 inch screen and weighs 300 grams
  • On sale the same day as Microsoft Surface tablet.
If the  iPad Mini , other rumored with more or less success, as the new Mac mini , iMac 21.5 and 27 screen and 5 mm thick or MacBook Pro 13 “retina screen. And some of the ads caught by surprise even more than one, if the new iPad or fourth-generation iPad. announced model will replace the current model introduced in March this year , has just spent six months on sale. Though there was talk of a possible revision or update of the iPad, mainly to incorporate the new connector Lightning debuted with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch new , not expecting a total renovation, a “complete iPad 4”, so soon. course this is, or should be, something exceptional. reason? say that mainly two: the arrival of the iPad Mini needed a little reorganizing the family iPad ., and the imminent arrival of the Microsoft Surface tablets with Windows RT and of the rumored Google Nexus new tablets required to strengthen the family iPad completely. Indeed, Microsoft’s coming out this Friday, October 26: the day on which the iPad and may request new mini iPad. Google’s announcement is Prior to a few days later, on Monday 29. So, finally, the thing is going to get interesting in this of the tablets.Also exceptional A6 processor performance premiered with the iPhone 5 (the new iPad 4 uses a variant called A6X thereof) and the new Lightning connector make this early renewal makes sense. assumes greater consistency across product line of Apple mobile devices. The mini iPad clears the X in the rule of three who anticipated ago Just over a month the iPod family: the iPod Nano as a smaller version of the iPod Touch (although the difference between these is greater when using different operating systems), made it even more probable that there was room for a mini iPad compared to iPad “normal”.

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