Recreational Emulator (MAME) for any iPad or iPhone without jailbreak

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It’s been a long time , as discussed thanks to jailbreak aniPhone or iPad can become an interesting emulator for legendary games of recreation . This was previously only available to a few can be availed by any user through iOS Gridlee.


More and more advances in the alternative scene without jailbreak iOS. A few days ago I collect the most interesting tweaks 6 s that can be used in an iPhone 5 “series”. Today we come to the interesting Gridlee , it seemed a simple port of a 1982 game, and everything is quite unattractive to that, relaunched in iTunes but concealing an interesting secret.

Gridlee not a game emulator itself is a
fact is that this software is not a port of the game, but a game emulator. That is, the game runs Gridle rom and has the potential to launch either of which can be used with MAME4iOS Cydia app.

Download Gridlee and because the App Store soon disappear
So the first tip is that you link to download as soon as possible Gridlee and the App Store. At the time of writing is still available for free , but you may not last long. Also will need a program on your computer that allows you to access folders on your iPhone or iPad to pass the ROMs via USB. There are several like iFunBox or iTools , recently I have presented.

Spend and enjoy your MAME roms
Whether one or the other, you have to locate the folder User Applications-> Gridlee-> Documents-> roms . In this folder we see a file named “”. As you can guess, we’ll just leave this folder in the roms of the games we want, whenever ZIP format. Gridlee hides in its entrails a simple port of MAME 0.139ul , so it should be compatible with most recreational 2D MAME games.

Disconnect the device from the computer and and we just go to the app on the desktop Gridlee the iPad or iPhone.Instead of the start of the game that comes to us originally unburden App, now seem iMAME4iOS interface, with the list of games that have already installed and you just have to choose one and enjoy.

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