Recalibrating the battery and optimize iPhone 5

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If there is a workhorse in the world of smartphones is the duration of the batteries , which will eventually resenting. The iPhone 5 n or is an exception but with some simple tips that Apple itself recommends, adjusted keep the information onscreen to the actual load and battery with autonomy Original for longer.

From the Cupertino company is recommended at least once a month, some maintenance of the battery to compensate for mismatches that many times when we connect a iPhone 5  to get a USB cable to charge your battery and the loss capacity over time. Tips that apply to all of your iOS devices too (iPad, other iPhones, iPod Touch, etc)

The battery information screen in improper eventually
Often, the actual iPhone battery does not match what appears on the display screen, you can do that if the system detects is low (although not well) leave us unable to use the terminal, and Murphy’s Law, will be at the most inopportune time. iOS maintains a difference between the actual load and shown in between 3% and 4% , so that the system never runs out of power completely and data may be lost. However, this difference with each charging cycle will increase and unscrewing .



Five steps to improve the autonomy and calibrate the battery
to ensure that both the battery to maintain better health and on-screen display shows the actual amount of energy that has the iPhone 5  just have to follow 5 simple steps, but require about 16 hours without using the terminal:

1. – It is necessary to charge the iPhone to 100% capacity. 2. – You have to use it until the battery runs out and turns off the device itself. 3. – Leave the terminal off between 6 and 8 hours. 4. – recharge the battery to 100% and not use the phone during that time. 5. – Once the phone is fully loaded, then reboot the phone by pressing the Home + Sleep (which is on the screen).

This done, he will be restarted in the following weeks and the battery charge indicator on the screen will be as accurate as the first day. Furthermore, although the current lithium batteries have no “memory effect” which had the Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD), this process also maintains regular battery with a high capacity for longer.

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