Reasons to Switch to Unlimited Broadband

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Before I start, I want to give you a little bit of a background story on why I am writing this article. So, about 2 years ago I signed up to a 100GB internet plan with an Internet Service Provider which will remain nameless. For majority of the time, I never had any issues. I never really went over my download quota, no matter how often I browsed the internet. Let’s fast forward to 2013 (well, 2014 if you’re reading this article a few days after it was published) and I find myself struggling to open a website. I switch my router on and off in hopes that it would magically go back to its original speed, yet I have no luck. I finally decide to check my monthly usage, lo and behold; I had gone over my 100GB download limit… Impossible! After more research, I found that I was shaped at 512kbps until the next month started… I felt like I was in 2003.

ISP’s can do one of two things, they can either charge you for any extra data you use (which never ends well for them, as they get bombarded with complaints), or they can “shape” or “throttle” your connection to a painfully low speed, usually around 256kbps. Now as you can imagine in this day and age, you’re not going to get far on a 256kbps connection.

What many people don’t realise is that although you’re on the same plan you were two years ago, the content that were looking at has changed dramatically over those 2 years. The videos we watch are in higher quality, the games we download are getting larger and larger. We download more content than we ever had before; we have more internet capable devices than ever before. What once seemed like a large amount of download now seems like child’s play.

So what can one do to prevent themselves from being “shaped”, or even worse, get a shocking bill at the end of the month? You could watch more carefully what you stream, download and access on the internet, or you can get yourself a truly unlimited broadband plan. Jiva offer a truly unlimited broadband plan which won’t break the budget, will allow you and your family to download as much as you want without getting shaped, and most importantly future proof you. If your kids are planning on playing on next gen consoles, you should keep in mind that a game download can now exceed 40GB, which could easily chew through your current broadband plan.

If you’re a light user than this article is not for you, however if you’re a gamer, love trawling the internet or have many users on one connection, perhaps unlimited broadband is for you?

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