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Company experts FixYa searched most reliable smartphone, comparing products, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Motorola DROID. 



Even fairly short battery life did not stop Apple smartphone to take first place in the ranking of reliable smartphones. FixYa believes iPhone 3 times more reliable than the model of the family of Galaxy smartphones from Samsung. Second place went to South Korean manufacturer. Next is Nokia, and then a series of DROID by Motorola.

iPhone has a simple and user-friendly interface, high-quality camera. There is a large selection of apps in the App Store. Buyers do not like Apple in the smartphone battery that runs out quickly, and limited customization capabilities of iOS and a small number of new features in the updated versions of the phone.

Galaxy from Samsung has a nice interface, these smartphones quality display, smart phones for a long time can work in offline mode, especially Galaxy S III. Consumers have called the worst model of Galaxy Nexus, it often goes wrong with a microphone and speakers.

In the models of Nokia Lumia users like interface Windows Phone, durable displays, which are pretty hard to beat. But the very lack of applications, touch screen does not respond quickly enough, but it quickly runs out of battery.

Battery Motorola DROID smartphones hold a charge longer than the others, they have attractive appearance. But users are not satisfied with the quality of the speakers, cameras, calibration display. All have been more than 130 complaints.

Rating was made after analysis of 722,588 complaints that buyers presented to the devices. Disadvantages are at all smart phones.

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