Rapidshare brings Android App

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The cloud storage service RapidShare has tapped another platform: It is now available as an app for Android smartphones and tablets. In addition to uploading and downloading tools, special features for audio, video, and photos are available.

This allows to create playlists of cloud files and play them on your phone. A module called Instant Media allows users to take pictures and videos only, and to transfer them directly to the online store. Also can be configured separately in the settings of the access via Wi-Fi networks.

The app is available in two versions: RapidShare of paying customers – those with RapidPro account – get the app for free. Who has reversed only free cloud account has to pay for the app . The functionality is the same.

Previously Rapidshare was represented only on the iPad and iPhone with a native app. There prices are the same as in Google Play. Admittedly RapidShare’s web interface is also suitable for almost any modern browser – though less comfortable.

The app requires Android 2.2 or higher. It occupies 3.5 MB of memory.

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