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By isolating applications in virtual machines autonomous Qubes OS is as an operating system open source ultra-secure.

Published under an open source license as a distribution Linux , Qubes OS looks like a operating system ultra-secure .Its particularity? The use of the virtualization programs systematically isolated on the principle of the sandbox (sandbox) in virtual machines controlled by the Xen hypervisor (Citrix).

Each application is configured to run in terms of security policies that the user has previously defined.The technique is also applicable to multiple instances of the same software, typically a Web browser through which circulate sensitive data.

Alternatively, generate temporary virtual machines, designed to open some files suspects.At the user to judge the most appropriate setting. His hand is left and preferences prevail over those that developers implement their applications.This implies a certain level of knowledge of computers and a degree of accountability that do not require the conventional OS.

It is this complexity that are looking grim now teams Invisible Things Lab , led by Joanna Rutkowska, which works since 2004 as CEO.In a blog post , the applicant refers to the need for simplification of Qubes OS, yet austere rudiments that has zero IT security.And play with modesty in mind that this first final version (1.0, available as an ISO image ) does not in any way constitute a bulwark against tight security threats, whether malicious files or attacks.

Invisible Things Lab but made it a point of honor to secure the foundations of the system, including the kernel.Several bugs have been eradications consecutive at the option of multiple tests.

There is no question of graphics acceleration in virtual machines, but ultimately, the interaction with the Windows ecosystem is self-evident.

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