Quantum processor for encryption computes factorization

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A solid-state quantum processor could run successfully the famous Shor algorithm, a true landmark in the area of this generation’s futuristic ultrafast computers.The algorithm by Peter Shor in 1994, describes how the problem of factoring an integer – the integer given, find its prime factors – can be solved by a quantum computer.The technique is exponentially faster than the fastest factoring algorithm known for classical computers – like this you are using now.

On the basis of applications such as cryptography , factoring works with huge numbers – the math has already formed a deal with numbers up to 600 digits.This is an impossible task, even for supercomputers – factoring, for example, the highest number ever published by RSA Laboratories, who deal with the most widely used encryption scheme in the world, using the best computer and the best classic algorithm would take more time age of the universe.

“A quantum computer can solve this problem faster than a classical computer in about 15 orders of magnitude [1 followed by 15 zeros],” explains Erik Lucero of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Quantum factoring

The quantum processor, created by Lucero and his colleagues, however, is still modest compared to those tasks, he managed to factor the number 15, correctly finding its prime factors, 3 and 5.“We chose the number 15 because it is the smallest composite number that satisfies the appropriate conditions to test Shor’s algorithm – is a product of two primes, and is not aware,” he said.

Indeed, given the stage which is the quantum computing , the most important is the demonstration of the concept.

The advantage of this experiment is the use of a quantum processor which, although simple, is based on an architecture that can be scaled in order to cope with greater problems.

Two other types of processors quantum had run successfully Shor’s algorithm, but none of them can be easily extended to become the brain of a practical quantum computer.

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