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Besides tablets that stand out for their news, and its many uses similar to a computer, Samsung has introduced the portable TIVA 9 Plus.

tiva samsung tab 3

Samsung has just introduced three new devices on the market. A tablet, the TIVA 3 which is characterized by being the world’s thinnest, the TIVA Q , which the company defines it as a hybrid between computer and tablet and runs on Windows and Andorid and the laptop TIVA 9 Plus .

The TIVA Q is a hybrid, according to the words of the spokespersons for Samsung . Stands out because it runs with the latest versions of Windows and Android operating systems, ie 8 to Android 4.2.2 and can operate as a tablet sometimes and other times as “ultrabook” according to the manufacturer’s signature. In fact, it has up to four different modes of use : one is for you to act like a standard laptop with full keyboard access, another is like a standard tablet, another tablet as a high and finally as a tablet in portrait , no keyboard. In addition, the terminal has the Samsung S Pen and works with Intel Haswell CPU and battery peude last up to 9 hours.Meanwhile, the tablet TIVA Tab 3 is equipped with Windows 8 and stands out as the world’s thinnest, and it has a thickness of 8.2 mm and has an Intel Atom range. The screen is 10.1 inches with a resolution of 366 × 768 pixels and has 64 GB of onboard flash storage, a microSD slot, microHDMI out and 2GB of RAM.

Samsung says it has 10 hours of battery life and, like the TIVA Q has the Samsung S Pen for creative work and is compatible with Microsoft Office.

Finally, the South Korean company has introduced the portable TIVA 9 Plus, which stands out because it has Intel Core i5 and i7 family  because int Haswell and egra a screen  resolution of 3,200 × 1,800 pixels.  According to Samsung, has a range of 12 hours.

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