Pure 3.0, overall shield against external threats

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The new Russian home antivirus, Kaspersky, protects in all daily activities that the user performs on your computer: banking, backups in the cloud, avoid dangerous aggression … Pure 3.0 safeguards digital identity, financial data and personal documents.

Pure 3.0

Pure 3.0

As personal computers have become the “brain” and “enforcement arm” of most people’s daily actions (on-line shopping, social networking, storage of information …) we must find best way to prevent all this information (especially passwords) fall into malicious hands.

“With the addition of award-winning technologies in Kaspersky as secure payment and automatic prevention exploits in Kaspersky Pure 3.0 we tried to develop a product that not only protects the PC, but also the identity digitral and resources on-line users . Since our bank accounts, photos … the program makes our clients are fully protected and can keep their digital lifestyles accelerated. It also ensures that will not slow down your PC, as it is the most effective security software available, “explains Alfonso ramirez, director of Kaspersky Lab Iberia consumption.

Thus the proposal with Kaspersky Pure 3.0 solves all these problems simply and without the user noticing. Pedro Garcia, technical director, Kaspersky Lab Iberia, explains that “for example, when shopping on-line, the user need not be aware of dialog boxes, just the program verifies that the site is secure, and using an indicator, as a green frame around the page-window, you know you are in a safe place. “

Another advantage is presented by Pure 3.0 password synchronization. “Studies indicate that a person has at least Cicno passwords to enter your email, social networks, bank … the ideal thing to remember them all without risk to be ‘pirated’ is used passwords driver program to avoid risks and thus falsifying accounts in social networks and in other settings, “says Garcia.

The software will be available from next Monday at a cost of 79.95 euros a license for one year to three teams.

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