Publication of user data: Twitter threatened with court fines

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Twitter has until Friday to publish the information of a user who had participated last year in a demonstration of the protest movement “Occupy Wall Street” on the Brooklyn Bridge. It has a report from Bloomberg , the judge arranged according Matthew A. Sciarrino from the New York State Supreme Court. Otherwise, the microblogging be fined.


If Twitter refuse to follow the instructions, it shall furnish the court the balance sheets of the last two quarters. Sciarrino will then decide based on records of the amount of penalty. “I can not have the little blue Twitter bird in jail, so I can only punish financially.”

In June Sciarrino Twitter had ordered 15 complete information from the period September to 30December to submit 2011, belong to the Twitter account “@ destructurmal” by Malcolm Harris. Harris was arrested last October during protests on the Brooklyn Bridge. The motion to suspend the statement during the current appeal had been rejected in the past week.

Twitter was against the court’s decision, arguing the procedure is that in accordance with its terms and conditions of the users are the owners of the data and not Twitter. “Our brief to the Court once again demonstrates our unwavering commitment with which we defend the rights of our users,” Twitter attorney Ben Lee said in May.

In August, Twitter wrote in a brief to an appellate court in New York, the police have access to the trial, on Harris’s account, acted unconstitutionally. The court’s ruling that no tweets fall under the protection of the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York was still wrong.

Twitter is in its struggle of the civil rights organizations American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Citizen supports . They represented to the court the view that the government restricts access to Twitter accounts of individual users of the right to freedom of expression.

Sciarrino still holds fast to his decision that Twitter must hand over the data. In his view, Twitter users can not expect a special protection of their privacy because tweets are public.

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