PS4, Sony’s new console, might occur before this summer

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Only been two weeks since I started the year 2013 and rumors are beginning the new consoles of the next generation, a generation and launched by Wii U as far as consoles are concerned. Now is the turn of the companies Microsoft and Sony , with the Japanese company that recently more rumors are running online, but none is as close to Sony as the words of Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice President, Sony Home Entertainment , who gave a series details of the future presentation of PlayStation 4 .

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According Sakamoto in a recent interview to a specialized environment of Chile that we should wait at least until May, in order to know more about the upcoming Sony will progress regarding consoles. With the advent of a portable console for almost a year and the current generation of consoles to conclude shortly, it seems that the executive was referring to the announcement of a new console by Sony .

The dates indicating Sakamoto are the first to be shuffled unofficially and more obvious as the show of gaming E3 is just a few weeks of these. An event in which companies Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo showed its new entertainment platforms, giving the main data of the same, from the hardware to incorporate the price at launch will.

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Meanwhile , Sakamoto says the PlayStation team is already working on the next edition of E3, in relation to the company’s next console. We must also remember that Sony is preparing for the conference that the Japanese company announced in the first days of 2013 and will be held on February 25 , a conference known as Destination PlayStation and has as main objective Sony, show the world all the news they prepare for 2013.

Throughout the day the statements Sakamoto has been the main topic of conversation in this industry until new dates rumors pointed even closer to the summer, focusing on the Game Developers Conference,another gaming convention to be held in late March it claimed  Game Informer . However, the version ofHiroshi Sakamoto is closer to the line of action of Sony.

All this without even any concrete on the console, from its design, an interior or release date and price data likely that we will learn from Sony to show the world the successor to PlayStation 3 , which seek to make as soon possible and ahead of the competition, as we learned from rumors and leaks. Will console to load in summer or before? Will it be released before the end of this year? Once again, time will tell , and although it seems much what to expect, it appears that the next E3 will be key to the next generation of consoles.

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