Protein structure is not altered by microwave

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Contrary to popular belief, the protein structure is not affected by microwave radiation. That means at least one group of researchers in Graz

Graz – Over the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation problems can arise. The World Health Organisation WHO warned in 2011 even before a possible link between the frequent use of mobile phone and a rare type of brain tumor.Grazer researchers have now demonstrated that low-energy electromagnetic radiation, such as those caused by other mobile phone, wireless, or microwave, not at least change the structure of proteins.

Temperature is critical

Proteins – proteins that is – that are also abundant in the human body, consist each of a long chain of amino acids.“Digest” under the influence of heat certain enzymes, the protein rapidly. That is, they cut it into peptide sequences.Since the microwave can heat substances in extremely short time, can break down proteins faster with it than by conventional heating. That there are actually only the temperature, which accelerates this process, and any other non-thermal effects of microwave electromagnetic radiation in the game, which could now Doppler Researchers at the Christian Laboratory for Microwave Chemistry under the leadership of Oliver Kappe of the Karl-Franzens- University of Graz confirmed.

No measurable differences

In several experiments allowed the research group, the proteins bovine serum albumin, cytochrome C, beta-casein under controlled thermal conditions at 50 degrees Celsius once digest with the microwave and once with conventional methods in an oil bath. The result: “There are no measurable differences in the effects on the protein structure, because at the same long heating intervals and temperature, respectively, the same peptide sequences are cut out of Verdauprozess Thus, only by the temperature and not affected by microwave radiation.” Says Markus Damm – first author The study – with conviction.

Influence of measurement errors 

The researchers see Graz so that other studies which have direct microwave radiation effects on protein structure, refuted. Oliver Kappe leads back to the results of measurement error “. It is extremely difficult to determine the temperature in the microwave probably exactly the previously published experiments were not conducted at exactly the same temperature.” The scientists working in Graz with a microwave reactor, which enables a built-in fiber-optic temperature probe is a trouble-free, high-precision measurement. The results of the investigations have just been published in “Journal of Proteomics”

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