Protect your smartphone or Android tablet from the dangers of malware

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The smartphones are a recurring target for developers of viruses or malware (malicious code). Some time ago viruses were a problem for computers but the emergence of smartphones has expanded the scope of these practices. Android is the most widely used mobile platform in smartphones and thus is a more attractive target , and their nature Open source makes it easier in some cases. The blog Redmondpie has made ​​a list of the most important points to avoid problems with malware on Android phones , we offer a selection of the best advice.



  • If you download applications from official channels is much less likely to relocate us some surprise. So the best platform to download new applications is the store Google Play . Google’s official store has a control system that keeps out malicious applications, this filter is not 100% effective but it slows down many of them. Amazon App Store is a store also quite safe.
  • A very important detail is to disable the option to install applications from unknown sources , which are the biggest problem that may occur. If we go into Settings – Security can remove this option for the own terminal block downloads coming from sources of questionable reliability.
  • When we go to download an application from Google Play is advisable to see the views of users and what score has gathered. ‘s also interesting to review the permissions you ask us. For example a game should not ask for permission to access your contacts or pictures from the device.
  • Obviously, do not press links received via spam emails or whose origin is suspected. Certain links may initiate file downloads damaging your phone or try d steal our personal information.
  • Users who have ” rooteado “their phones should be careful what applications request permissions “SuperUser”, this permission level is the highest and allows access to any part of the system.
  • The pirated apps may also have malicious code. There are cases where developers use as bait payment applications for users to download them to save a few euros. It is not possible to know if an application has been manipulated cracked. In addition, most applications are inexpensive and not worth the risk to save a few euros or almost always only a few cents.
  • Finally it is interesting to install some software antivirus to increase the security of our smartphones. In Google Play are many options available, both pay and free versions. Some of the most popular are Avast! Free Mobile Security, LookOut Mobile Security or G Data AntiVirus Free. All are highly valued by the community and have a very high score (four stars or more).

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