Protect yourself from Black Friday’s Internet Scams

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the dates on which the words “bargain”, “discount” and “offer” appear in large numbers.According to the study Shopping Report 2014, one in six people seeking on the Web offers bought by mistake in e-commerce sites that sell counterfeit goods.

These counterfeit items that look authentic are sold as original but with discounts. So, facing the unsuspecting user, it seems this is a real bargain . Sources recommend that users exercise caution when seeking discounts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Investigate the price recommended product sought, and if the site in question is offered for much less money, it’s probably fake.

Check the reputation of any portal where purchases are made. Doing a research on the portal name next to the word ‘scam’ may reveal comments posted on user forums one that has had a negative experience. You can also search for some online trust seal. These are usually the end of the site.

Check The page layouts If there are defects in the same or spelling errors as you will most likely not be trusted. Often counterfeiters have little marginal attention to design your web pages as ‘FAQ’ or ‘About Us’ and is easy to detect any abnormalities in them.

Examine the security protocols portal when making payment and does not meet the requirements and established systems, better not buy anything through it. Good portals offer several methods of payment and clear information about you to process purchase. It is recommended to buy with Paypal accounts that have money back policies and clear rules.

Overseeing the product return policy A serious e-commerce portal will have a good policy and procedure according to the law for returns.

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