Pros and cons of the new Apple mobile system

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Apple has released iOS update 6. Owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can now start downloading the latest version of Apple’s operating system for its mobile devices. Siri , own maps, integration with Facebook and the ability to use FaceTime video calling system with a mobile data connection are the main novelties of a California manufacturer that presented in June during its annual meeting with developers.

First recommendation: do not rush. . Probably until 10 am from there the company did not start the deployment, which will gradually be introduced to the owners of iPhone 3GS and later, the last two versions of iPad and iPod fourth and fifth generations. If you are connected to the Internet, the device will indicate that it has a free update available. When you start the process, connect to a wireless network and access MenuSettings , General , Software Update and start the download. Then, relax: the issue will take a while but when you update an application.

Siri is not for everyone.  Although the new language is incorporated through the operating system, Siri requires power to operate.That is, requires a specification of hardware which carry specific iPhone 5 , its predecessor 4S, the latest iPad and a fifth-generation iPod Touch. Remember that, in any case, Siri does not work without Internet access, fixed or mobile. The wizard, among other things, write the messages written dictates.

The maps, either. Apple announced in June that dispensed with Google maps, embedded in iPhone since its launch in 2007. The company now incorporates its own mapping system with traffic information, turn by turn directions and the ability to fly ( fly over , in English) by the cities in three dimensions. As with Siri, the latter two features are only available for the last two models of iPhone, iPad 2 and later and iPod media player.

iOS6 integrates with Facebook. If you have an account on the social network, you can share content with friends and acquaintances without having to enter the application. In fact, the same as is already the case with the Twitter microblogging service. In addition, the new operating system allows photo sharing  streaming with anyone. If you have an Apple mobile device, will appear in the Photos application. If you have a Mac, you will enter the iPhoto program. And if you have neither the one nor the other, so you can view on the Internet.

Passbook. With this service stored in a virtual wallet boarding passes, QR codes and loyalty cards brands or their usual café. Passbook, for example, warns of last minute changes in the gate or flight delays. The Spanish ticketeaalready offers the ability to save in this application tickets for concerts, plays and other events that are managed through its platform.

Personalized answers. far, if he received a call on iPhone could only answer or wait for the device to stop ringing. Not anymore. When you reject the call can be answered with a text message, which is not available. Or personalize your response. Many competitive phones, like HTC or Samsaung, and they did. But it is still a useful feature added to iPhone. And if you know that is not disponile for anyone, not for his mother, activate before “Do Not Disturb”.Avoid calls and other annoying warnings and notifications. The remodeling of the email application and the Safari web browser complete the major developments of an operating system which opens today. All information in Castilian, is available at this link . 

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