Privacy? Violated?; Hackers threaten facebook

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Facebook said Friday it had been subject to a series of attacks by an unidentified hacker group, which resulted in the installation of malicious software on portable laptop employees of Facebook.


“Last month, Facebook Security discovered that their systems had been targeted by a sophisticated attack,” the company said in a blog. “The attack occurred when several employees visited a mobile developer website that was hacked.”

Facebook said that these employees then had a malware installed on their laptops, as a result of your visit to the website. The hack was used what is called a “Java Day Zero”, a known vulnerability in the Oracle software, which has gained much attention in recent months. Essentially, anyone who visits a website using this attack and Oracle Java is enabled in your browser, was vulnerable.

“As soon as we discovered the presence of malware, we put remedy to all infected machines, inform the police and began a significant research that continues to this day,” the message said.

In the company statement noted that Facebook “had found no evidence that the data of Facebook users have been compromised”, but not reported at all to what the hackers had access.

Sites affected

Facebook’s announcement comes on the heels of a recent series of attacks on other relevant websites. Twitter, the social network that hosts more than 200 million active users on their service, announced that it had been hacked two weeks ago, and more than 250,000 user accounts could be compromised as a result.

Other targets have included the Washington Post, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, which-all-have said they believe that the Chinese government was involved in some way in their infiltration system.

Both Facebook and Twitter, in their publications, made no direct comparison with the hacks made to other websites.

Facebook declined to comment when asked if the company suspected that the Chinese government was involved.

Take measures

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on cybersecurity during his State of the Union. Found it useful to government agencies to share information relating to espionage and cyber-attacks.

Something to note

– Facebook points directly to Day Zero, which takes advantage of the vulnerability of the Oracle Java, as the main cause of the attack.

– Twitter, meanwhile, did not detail the exact methods of how their systems were infiltrated.

– The security of information on Twitter, Bob Lord, reminded users that security experts recommend turning off the problematic Java in your browser.

– Both Facebook and Twitter argued that they were part of a larger series of attacks on various companies.

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