Printer can print on a hair

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Researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A * STAR) of Singapore created a color printer that achieves the highest possible resolution of an image: one hundred thousand dots per inch. The method, described on Sunday (12) in the journal Nature Nanotechnology , could be used to print small watermarks or secret messages for security purposes and to create discs for data storage of high density.

Magnification 50×50 micromeres, 
printed with the highest resolution possible 

Each pixel of these images ultrarresolução consists of four sites in nanoscale nanodisks sealed with silver and gold. By varying the diameters of these structures (which is the size of tens of nanometers) and the spaces between them, you can control which color of light reflexam. The investigators of the Agency for Science and Technology Research Singapore used this effect, called structural color to establish an entire palette of colors.

As evidence of the discovery, the team printed version of a 50 × 50 image test micromeres ‘Lena’. The image displayed on this word is an enlargement of the image that is approximately the same as the width of a human hair. The new method has presented with a ten times higher resolution than the best ink printers and laser in the world.

The materials scientist of A * STAR who led the study, Joel Yang, was first discovered when he looked at the effect of metal nanoparticles under the microscope. “We saw that we could control the colors, from red to blue, controlling the particle size,” said Yang. Scientists believe that the impression will never have a higher resolution than this.

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