Prepaid cards for Google Wallet from running

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For Google Wallet are issued in the U.S. prepaid cards from 17 October is no longer valid . For one week, until 17 September, holders of such cards can still charge money on it. Then they have to spend it however within a month. If they fail that, Google writes the difference to your account well.


After the deadline, those cards no longer appear on the account of the electronic wallet. With the dates Google makes only final, making it the first August announcedwas: Google Wallet is the cloud service that supports all common in the U.S. credit and debit cards.

In the U.S., Google Wallet was launched mid-2011. It aims to enable payment via your smartphone via Near-Field Communication. Growth over a small group of early adopters also stood against the restriction to a few forms of payment – for example in the form of these prepaid cards.

In Germany, the limited Google Wallet on Google Play (formerly Market), where users can for the service pay a credit card. Android apps can be in the official online market otherwise only be purchased via the phone bill , and that’s only if the desired app is offered at a price in Euro.Neither a debit bank account is a gift card yet – unlike iTunes – permissible.

With the now expiring prepaid cards, Google has not had good experiences. In February, it had to pay this option off temporarily because of an error allowed access by resetting the PIN.

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