Popular applications for the Nokia Lumia 900

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The platform Windows Phone began about a year its unstoppable rise since the arrival of version 7.5,also known by the nickname ” Mango “. This operating system came to innovate and show that not all mobile platforms have to be equal, its organized structure in windows live has brought a breath of fresh air to the entire mobile ecosystem. 

Much of the impetus of Windows Phone also due to Nokia , brand that began an alliance that remains in force today. The smartphones Nokia Lumia is a leader in this niche market and stand out for their original design lives with a balanced technical profile. The first batch of Nokia Lumia was launched in autumn 2011 and the months following, among all models launched the Nokia Lumia 900 is undoubtedly the most complete of all. carries a 4.3-inch screen, eight-camera megapixels, and a complete set of standard connections including LTE. Windows Phone offers a user experience very comfortable and intuitive, and the applications for the Nokia Lumia 900 , and thus the entire range Lumia, simply follow the line of the system itself, make a selection of some of the most interesting and well free.

Nokia Lumia 900 skydrive


This plugin is a must for any phone with Windows Phone, through the application we can access all the content you have stored on SkyDrive (Microsoft Cloud) as images, videos, music or any type of document. SkyDrive allows us to view and manage all stored information quickly and easily.

Nokia Lumia 900 TuneIn

TuneIn Radio

This application is perfect for lovers of the waves, with it we can browse radio stations from around the world and listen to any type of program. The interesting thing is that everything is grouped into several blocks and local music or spoken to choose the one that suits your tastes or mood of the moment.



One of the most simple and convenient to check the weather. makes our location to give us information instantly and also offers a five-day forecast. The interface is simple and clean, a clear example of less is more.

Nokia Lumia 900 evernote


The Notes application par excellence, with Evernote you can organize your notes easily to access them from your Nokia Lumia 900 or also from the computer. All content can be organized into different notebooks, is convenient to take notes in class or at work.

Nokia Lumia 900 citylens

Nokia Vista Urbana

This service was introduced with the latest Nokia Lumia but also works with the oldest. This is an application of augmented reality, this system allows us to search for places of interest using a camera phone as if they were our eyes, just point in the direction you want to see all there. It has several categories to refine your search, for example if we go to eat or looking for a hotel to spend the night, very useful if you are traveling in an unfamiliar city.

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