PlayStation 4? on February 20? Sony announces to the press to “see the future”

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Sony has announced to the press on 20 February with a brief video in which he calls a “see the future”, which has lifted all assumptions about the arrival of the new PlayStation in three weeks.

And although in the video does not give many clues to what the Japanese company will present, the announcement would come just before the conference Destination PlayStation that will occur later this month in Arizona, USA, where Sony come with the new console under the arm.

This year will be the battle between Sony and Microsoft, as although the Japanese had been thinking of taking their products Christmas campaign in 2013 would have changed the strategy to undermine the chances of selling the new Xbox.

Anyway we have to wait three weeks to resolve any doubts that Sony has already raised, and discover whether it’s the new console, a project of the new PlayStation is not the final version, and if you have as much potential as the rumor.

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