Plan to build a lunar base by 3D-printer

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The European Space Agency plans to investigate the possibility of building on the moon base from the lunar soil with 3D-printing technology.For this he turned to the architectural office Foster + Partners, added resources.

Lunar Base

The project includes a number of domed structures, interconnected walkways and walls klechatoy structures for protection from meteorites and cosmic radiation.

3D-printing technology, plans to move into space Italian company Alta SpA, which is engaged in such projects, together with one of the University of Pisa.Among other factors, the scientists must take into account the working conditions in a vacuum.

The authors of the project believe that the construction of a lunar base with local soil will reduce the cost of the project as a building material does not have to take from the earth.

Meanwhile, the first building with the help of 3D-printer in the world to be built by 2014 the cost of the project is estimated at 5.4 million euros.

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