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Apple operates unique identifier codes baptized device (Unique Device Identifier, or UDID in English).They are alphanumeric strings that allow the Cupertino trace its terminals and possibly send them personalized notifications.Or AntiSec, a group of hackers linked to the Anonymous network, published on the Internet a million IDs suspects.

A “sample” of 12 million UDID allegedly found on a computer the FBI.From 4 September, the U.S. federal police came under the spotlight after the bang of AntiSec.The FBI tried to cover their tracks by saying “be aware of such information.”While stating once: “no evidence of a laptop has been hacked or FBI that the FBI has sought or obtained such data.’

By early this week, there has been a rebound with  BlueToad .This editor mobile applications installed in Florida acknowledged that she was the subject of a “cyber attack that resulted in the theft UDID.”In a blog contribution dated 10 September, CEO Paul DeHart believes that dispersed Internet identifiers are probably from the database BlueToad.

“When we discovered that we were the likely source of this information, we immediately contacted the police to inform them and to cooperate with investigators. 

It seems, however qu’AntiSec deliberately overstated the number of captured UDID: BlueToad claims to hold 2 million, 12 million away from where he was previously subject.

At the time of initiating the investigation in tandem with the FBI, the U.S. publisher states that no credit card information was stored on its servers.

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