Pinterest paste the jump to iPhone and Android

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Since the revolution of the concept of “social network” with the launch of Facebook and Twitter have long been the web or programs that have targeted this tenure without success. Not the case Pinterest , which has had unimaginable success and totally unexpected. Now, after a few months, spanning multiple platforms in a definitive way: iPhone and Android.

Before this release, we could say that Pinterest  already on these platforms, but in a much more shy and hidden. Now at last been given the big jump. What is Pinterest? What can we do it? The idea of the creators of this network is to share pictures and other content, but in a design of a board, that is, as if with a pin pinch her notes of the students in a bulletin board.The developers have called the material posted on it, “pins”.


Not much more to tell: A simple idea and simple but which in turn has a very attractive and intuitive interface that is literally sweeping the market. Through the iPad get to see a view of two columns and better application performance can also observe almost the same interface on the web. However, if you download the application to Android, we find we can use horizontal and gestures both smartphones and tablets. It also includes a search section through which we can find topics that interest us or pins and one in which we can see our profile, our fans, etc.. In short: Similar to Instagram.

There is one drawback to use the application on two different devices: You need to login to Facebook or Twitter.Moreover, we can enjoy the free application, either in our iPad in the beach or in our Android at the bar while we had some beers.

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