Pinterest is already the fourth largest source of Internet traffic

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Those who still have doubts about whether or not to open a profile on Pinterest perhaps be clarified to read this news.

The social network image boards and is the fourth world generating more web traffic, according to a report by Shareaholic Analytics. This means that Pinterest can be a very important source of traffic to our site or our business, so … are you still thinking about whether or not to open-and update-your board?

According to the study, just unseat Pinterest Yahoo! as a source of Internet traffic, ranking it fourth. Also situated over Twitter and it is only surpassed by Google (leading traffic 41.2%), direct traffic (20.03%) and Facebook (5.9%).

In total driving Pinterest and 1.37% of global traffic to websites . The percentage seems small, but it is not given the importance we place on Twitter as a traffic generator generates while only 0.8%.Pinterest is above.

Some experts say Pinterest is above or LinkedIn Twitter thanks to changing Google algorithm that has been applied, which decreases by natural search results and puts more emphasis on networks with high visual load. Either way, it should be on Pinterest. By the way, you can follow our account here.

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