Pinterest allows you to check your website and display it on your profile

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Pinterest has just launched a new feature that will surely delight those that manage their own website or have their blog. Now lets check Pinterest site that is owned by the user and display it in the profile as “verified web.”

This will give more visibility to our website, and considering that Pinterest is the fourth most-generating web traffic , over other sites such as Twitter and YouTube (at least in the U.S.) may also take many page views to our website.

To verify our site so just go to the configuration panel of our own and there, in the place where we have included our web address, give “verify”.

Pinterest then generates an HTML file to be upload to our server . Once uploaded, you just need to click Pinterest verification and … that’s it, in seconds and displayed on our website as verified our profile (as you see in the picture above).

According Pinterest, functionality is not available for all users and will arrive in the coming weeks, but we were able verificarnos no problem , as you have seen.

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