Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

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Meet some options to enhance your experience with the service.

Pinterest is a social network where people can share images with succinct captions and have several other features. However, you can also use tools to further improve their service experience, and we’re going to list seven of them throughout this text. But if you still do not know how to use “social network of the moment”, check out the guide on the subject have prepared or know what the rules of etiquette in this environment .

One. Pinpuff

The Pinpuff is an online tool that will assess their influence and monetary value of all your posts on the social network. Thus, the application creates a score for each user, which represents how influential he is on Pinterest. 

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

2nd. PinReach

As the first of our list, the PinReach also shows statistics of your profile on the social network. That way, you can see the success you are doing and also know everything about each Pin you posted. 

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

3rd. Pintics

If you need new tools and want to manage multiple accounts at once Pinterest, your web-app is Pintics. With it, you can access statistical tools, manage more than one account at the same time and use unique functions. However, the service is still in the testing phase, and you need to sign up here to receive an invitation.

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

4th. ShareasImage

Who has a blog or some other site and wants to have a presence on Pinterest need to use this tool. The ShareasImage converts main content of posts and news images from any website in ready to go to the social network. However, the test version, only one color is available. The full ShareasImage costs $ 6.99. 

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

5th. PicSlice

If you want to leave your images with a cool effect before posting them on Pinterest, use the PicSlice. This tool, although not integrated with social networking, allows you to crop and resize your photos interesting way before they go to the murals of Pinterest.

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

6th. WiseStamp

Who wants to include a button in the personal account of Pinterest email signature needs to know the WiseStamp. This tool creates a link at the bottom of every email you send and allows your recipients to follow you directly from the message sent.

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

7th. Pinstamatic

Have you thought about sharing “post-its” with recommendations and content from other social networks or any website on Pinterest without having to create an image so indeed? With Pinstamatic is possible to produce these figures without much work. You select a post, news story or even a tweet and sends the content to the Pinterest post it as a custom.

Pinterest: 7 tools to facilitate their life

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