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With the advent of smartphones , data rates and applications like WhatsApp , Viber or Skype , users began to use mass communication for free and save money. However, who is always one step behind and is reluctant to adopt new systems, becoming the friend or family member to call expensive.Something that also no solution in the world of applications by Pinger, a communication tool that goes beyond even seen.

This is an application designed to send messages and make calls to any phone in a completely freefrom an iPhone . That is, we can call landlines and mobiles, smartphones are or not, without spending a single euro. This is possible by creating a virtual telephone number from which all communications take place and that does not pose any cost. This counting on a very simplified visual interface but useful to have our contacts always handy.


But Pinger has more functions for which emphasize. By leveraging the Internet allows users to iPod Touch and iPad also transform your device into a phone to call and send messages as if it were a phone. All this without the need peer application, a plus for users of other platforms may not yet havePinger, to call landlines, or for those who have been unable or unwilling to move from classic to mobile Smartphone.

But where’s the catch? Pinger’s business lies in the introduction of advertising for income, so we dealt with them from time to time. It also has a point system that limits the time of calls and messages.Something like a kind of balance that can be recharged by payments or, using the application. And it appears that Pinger is ready to be implemented in our country, offering completely free minutes to receive calls from other users. A motivational strategy rather curious.


In addition, the more users have the application installed, although not mandatory, better, since communications between them are in high definition (HD) and unlimited. One tool that seems to have caused a sensation in the United States and now arrives, but is not limited to our country, with the ability to call another 200 different. Yes, we must keep in mind that the m essages text or SMS are free only in Spain. It also has an answering service, different ring tones and the ability to sync your contacts with their profiles Facebook to use his image.

In short, a most useful proposal to meet some needs that leave the rest of current communication applications. For now only devices developed for Apple , but on their website state that the version forAndroid coming soon. But best of all is that Pinger can be downloaded for free through the App Store , the only requirement to follow a few configuration steps to set the virtual telephone number from which the call.

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