Pilot project of Low Cost iPhone possible.

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According iDownloadBlog.com we have seen several images of what would be the pilot of low-cost iPhone , a model which would bring together all the rumors that have emerged so far about the features that would have a hypothetical iPhone Low Cost of Apple. Dutch artist Martin Hajek has been commissioned  in three-dimensional representations were taken as example a 4-inch iPhone screen and a 4.5-inch screen size . 

For the design of these low cost iPhone can see polycarbonate housing colors. The use of plastic for the casing of the iPhone will be a topic undoubtedly controversial as is the case with Samsung. The use of plastic instead of glass or metal will give a less prestigious image of the brand, so it is a rumor that has always been lacking in credibility.


     It would also have to tell you, as objective fact that Apple has been responsible for recruiting engineers specializing in plastics design … We do not know for sure if this is related to the recruitment project low cost iPhone or other Apple products.

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