Physical world is preparing for a big announcement about the Higgs particle

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The world community of physicists will know on Wednesday the results of two experiments looking in parallel, but independent, the “Higgs particle”, that scientists are almost convinced that they had seen, but still have enough data to declare a discovery .

The announcement of these results will be made at the European Center for Particle Physics (CERN) in the presence of the four scientists who conceived in 1960 the current standard model of physics, including his own Peter Higgs, who postulated to be known since as “Higgs mechanism”, a hypothetical explanation of why particles acquire mass.

Invited by the CERN physicists François Englert, Carl Hagen and Gerald Guralnik Higgs accompany the presentation will be representatives of the experiments in question, known as ATLAS and CMS, on the eve of the prestigious Conference on High Energy Physics that be held in Melbourne (Australia).

Since the CERN announced recently that present the results collected so far by ATLAS and CMS, rumors and predictions have spread, giving almost for granted that they will announce the discovery of the also called “Higgs Boson”.

Consulted by Efe, three physicists who directly participate in both experiments agreed that the advert is very important, confirming that a discovery has taken place, but still can not say with scientific rigor that is sought is the Higgs particle.

“Advertisements shall not be final in all areas. (Scientists) are too cautious, we will be inconclusive in some respects but not in others because we need to quantify things a lot, we’ll make some nuances,” said a physicist who requested anonymity.

Another physicist said that during the processing of data “has been a new particle,” although not yet decided to call it or “resonance” or even “new state of matter” – but said: “still can not say corresponding to the Higgs. “

“We need more time to know if (particle) Higgs or something very similar,” he said, explaining that it may be that in obtaining more data is determined that “not all properties of both (particle) match “.

“We need to see if the predictions of the standard model of physics coincide with what we’re seeing,” he said.

It is with great Hadron Accelerator (LHC), a ring 27 kilometers in circumference, located between 50 and 150 meters underground, is sought irrefutable proof of the existence of the “Higgs Boson”, through collisions energy levels than any other machine in the world can achieve.

During 2011, the LHC collected data equivalent to 6 inverse femto-barn (Fv-1), but since returning to be fired this year, after a routine technical maintenance, has functioned as optimal in only three months and has gathered about the same amount of information throughout the year.

This places the experiment in about 12 Fv-1, three short of what scientists from both experiments considered enough to claim a discovery.

The 15 Fv-1-but CERN physicists would be pleased if you come to the Fv-1-20 are regarded as necessary for ATLAS and CMS “to discover or exclude Higgs independently” and “without the need to combine data “said a third source of one of the scientific experiments.

To get to the conference tomorrow at CERN, both experiments have had unimaginable amounts of data to collect, analyze and present them before a review board that has been validated.

The results were to be presented at the conference in Melbourne, but officials decided to present CERN hours earlier in their facilities to their staff, who can follow the show live from several buildings of the institution screens set up for the occasion.

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