Photos graphics for PlayStation 4 are revealed

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With the high expectations you have for the launch of PlayStation 4 , are increasingly seeking more details about the new console to hit the market in late 2013.

Play Station4

Play Station4

These days, there have been more pictures about how are created the graphics for PlayStation 4 , which have made ​​a big impression among those interested in this game equipment.

The photos have shown belong to ‘ Elemental ‘, one of the demos presented previously by the company Epic a few days ago and has made ​​the comparison of images during development along with the final result of the same.

As we can see, it takes a considerable process so that the image quality is quite realistic, something that has always characterized the console of Sony , which has evolved since the first version of it, making the best use of available technology in every age.

PlayStation 4

They are expected to play with the same or even better quality graphics than shown in these two photos, and even, according to what is mentioned in the blog On Games , should not rule out the arrival of ‘Gears of War’ PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Despite the quality of picture shown here and PlayStation 4 specifications have been confirmed so far, many are still reluctant to join the new venture interest in Sony, mainly because it still keep secret key details on the console , particularly the appearance of the structure.

However, as the months go by, we hope that this will soon change and the excitement continues to grow. What do you think of what has been presented to date PlayStation 4?

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