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Many people who have minimal knowledge about new technologies are still not aware of  Windows Phone . The truth is that Microsoft , the company of Bill Gates, has improved its mobile operating system considerably over the last year and this is beginning to show in the results and market share. Smartphones such as Nokia Lumia have managed to popularize the renewed shortly software platform.

Just a few days we have known a chilling fact is that Windows Phone has improved its sales in nothing more and nothing less than a 115% compared to last year, a figure that Microsoft has to be very satisfied and give them courage to continue to improve and evolve its operating system. The fact is that there have been many campaigns to raise awareness of Windows Phone and its range of Nokia Lumia. This study also served to publicize the struggle that existed between Blackberry and Windows Phone seems to be that has been terminated, since the latter has become the third most widely used operating system for users behind Android and IOS.

 Android and iPhone OS, headed

And if good results for Windows, are still the best Android, where there has been an increase of 106% compared to the previous year. Apple’s operating system, IOS, nor has it gone badly, holding fast in second place with a slight increase of 27% over last year. Symbian and Blackberry are the worst are taking this time, and that neither is currently a good situation. The first has lost almost 63% compared to 2011 because Nokia wants to discontinue the platform, while RIM’s operating system has lost 40%, which is where we can observe the decay of the company.

It is true also that is not yet Windows Phone 8  to market. However, do you think the launch of this new version will get grab more market share than it has and has achieved so far? How and in what way could improve the business strategy for the new version got a lot more successful? How could RIM resurface and return to competition as in its heyday?There are many open questions and uncertainties will be resolved gradually …

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