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All users of Windows Phone in Ecuador will begin to receive the update for version 7.8 of the operating system , as reported by Microsoft and Nokia in a statement.

Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia

The upgrade will take place gradually over the next few weeks, executives reported the phone. The new version of Windows Phone has visible modifications, such as changing the size of the ’tiles’; customize the lock screen with Bing, and have new colors for themes, among other items on the screen mainly appreciate Start of handsets. There will also be increased security measures and improvements to search in the Windows Phone Store.

One of the major changes that the user may perceive Nokia Lumia version 7.8 of Windows Phone is customization. On the Home screen, the ’tiles’, or mosaics, will give “life” and encourage the ‘Apps’, which can be displayed in three different sizes to reflect the lifestyle of users and give priority to things who matter most. It also has a new range of colors, increasing 10 having version 7.5, 20 with the new. Moreover, the devices will maintain functionality enabled LAN even when in a suspended mode. Another element to customize Windows Phone is the dynamic locking with Bing daily image. This shows that the Finnish company has not forgotten its first range, Nokia Lumia.

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