Philips launches ‘Share Innovation’, a community collaborative knowledge

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With the aim of generating discussion, propose technological solutions in different fields of the economy and promote dialogue around this area, Philips has launched ‘Share Innovation “, a collaborative digital base now has 26 employees who share their desires and opinions of “a better world”.

Philips-Share Innovation

Philips-Share Innovation

“The development of innovation is to improve the city, make it more livable and smart, with environmental protection. We have great opportunities in this field, like in Health Care, “said Angeles Barrios , director of Foreign Extrenas Philips Ibérica.

The aim of this platform is to create a community of knowledge to generate discussion and mutual learning. “The ideas and innovation can not from a single company. This platform is very important in the context in which we live, “he added.

The main distinguishing feature of this initiative is its “openness to the participation and collaboration of professionals from various sectors that will lead to the formation of a community of knowledge.” In this sense, Enrique Dans , Professor at IE Business, said that today’s businesses “are forced to be more transparent and to have its challenges in innovation.”

Dans gave the example of augmented reality device Google Glass,which will be released next year , and whose catalog of applications is increasing. “It’s more accessible raise it as a platform on which the test developers, their experiences, and the company-in this case, Google-trying to learn. Observation is a client model, “he said.

“Share Innovation”. born with the ambition to also be a physical meeting space, part of the development of a collaborative digital platform divided into four thematic areas that respond to current trends: livable cities, trends in health, welfare and Innovation staff responsible. The next June 10 will launch the first project, called “Geolocation of Innovation ‘, which affects the ambition of the platform to open the doors to collaboration

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