Philips has a bulb that is controlled via iPhone and iPad

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   A bulb capable of interacting with smartphones and ‘tablets’ of Apple. Philips gives a step forward and jump into the market of home automation with an LED bulb that can “play” with the lighting of a house using integrated wireless technology.

   With this connection, customers can create lighting patterns, change the tone, contrast and color and even make it look like someone is home while away.

   Philips Hue and the bulb has been dubbed, will be sold in Apple stores at a price of $ 199 (154 euros), including a starter pack of three units (600 lumen or 50 watt equivalent). Also included is a bridge connecting the bulbs to a wireless router and other using the standard ZigBee Light Link.

   Once connected, the bulbs can be configured in minutes and thus refer to the application Hue for ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ from the App Store.

   With this application, users can personalize the light settings, and program schedules LightRecipes use option that allows the lighting to match the mood of the inhabitants of the house.

   This release will be a blow to the company that offers a product LIFX very similar characteristics. However, the company has already entered $ 1.3 million with this.

   Hue Philips supports up to 50 bulbs and spends up to 80 percent less energy than a traditional bulb causing an estimated time duration of 15 years or 15,000 hours of operation.

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