Philips Announces Dolby and Dolby 3D glasses specification

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 Dolby Laboratories and Royal Philips Electronics have announced the specification of Dolby 3D glasses . It will be available through a licensing program.The leading post-production tools, The Foundry will present the further integration of Dolby 3D in its post-production products and Ocula Nuke.

Philips Glasses

Philips Glasses

  The Dolby 3D format ensures that the distribution of 3D content to TVs, smartphones, PCs and ‘tablets’ have the “highest quality” for viewing without using glasses, companies have said in a statement whole.

   This is a package of technologies for the creation, delivery and playback of 3D content without glasses, which produces images autoestereocópicas “very real” that is what gives the feeling of three-dimensionality. The system has no specific optimum viewing space so viewers can enjoy images regardless of where they are sitting.

   The senior director Picture Transmission Dolby Laboratories, Roland Vlaicu says: “By offering powerful tools to create content Dolby 3D, Dolby and simplify Philips more than ever in Hollywood creating content for glasses-free 3D TVs and other devices ” .

   More and more managers who choose to use this technology in Tinseltown. The Foundry is behind major productions with innovative 3D visual effects like Avatar, Tron: Legacy and Hugo.Now these aefectos approach to everyday ordinary user of this technology that allows 3D is home .

   “The professionals who use our tools post production want to know that their creations are going to see dramatically regardless of where or how you decide to see the audience, “he says on his part the Chief Scientist and Co-founder of The Foundry, Simon Robinson .

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