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Graph Search, the new Facebook internal search engine that is based on the information they share everyday users the largest social network in the world, was created by former Google employees.


Mark Zuckerberg said, on the day of its release, although the system is supported by Bing, the Microsoft search engine-, would have loved to work with Google.

However, an investigative report determined that the head of the social network did not need an agreement with internet giant because for more than two years working on this product has two former employees of that company, Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky Eilstrup.

According to the resources, Rasmussen is a Danish bred in Australia that started Google in 2004 and, according to his Facebook profile, was a team member of Google technology. He was co-author of Google Maps, a position he held until 2007, and in 2008 undertook the project not as successful Google Wave, a kind of social network to share documents that failed.

In his biography says about this project: “At least I tried.” In 2010 he left the search and joined Facebook in the position of director of engineering. Stocky he served as product manager at Google from 2005 to 2011, according to their Facebook account. Among some of the products that has been in charge are Google Reader, the application engine, and custom searches. He left Google in July 2011 and entered into Facebook with the same charge. Before being with the form Graph Search took care of the News Feed that appear in a user’s timeline.

Both were presented by Mark Zuckerberg in launching Graph Search and they took care to explain the operation of the product.

They had started testing among employees of Facebook during 2012 and until January 2013 was made public. However Graph Search is still in its infancy and the beta version can only be used by some U.S. users requesting the service.

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