PayPal makes a man “multibillion” (for a while)

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Access to bank accounts and credit card transactions is quite common on the Web. And although errors are rare, some end up being extremely flashy. The last example leads to PayPal , which apparently had a problem to adjust the balance of a certain Chris Reynolds , the state of Pennsylvania. Last Friday, the 56-year-old received a notification from PayPal indicating that he has now had more than 92 trillion dollars



The “error” lasted only a few hours, but no one takes away the privilege of being the man who could have bought the entire planet.

  • Thirteen years have passed since the year 2000 bug. And even if the world burned as expected (or at least, as they believed the media) , found a way to cause some incidents.One report indicated that a German man had met six million dollars in your bank account , generated from interest on one hundred years. Whether Y2K have found other examples, such as new cars sold for a dollar , or electronics with a price of one cent . I am sure that is the dream of anyone with a bank account to meet some more numbers in the correct place on your balance. But for Chris Reynolds of Pennsylvania, the amount of additional numbers came out a little control.

    Reynolds has an account of PayPal , which is used for small transactions, maintaining an average of hundred dollars a month. However, PayPal notification was sent last Friday on updating their balance left him completely surprised, saying it had more than 92 trillion dollars . For those who want a little more precision, the sum was U.S. $ 92,233,720,368,547,800 . The International Monetary Fund found that the Gross Domestic Product of the entire Earth in 2012 was 71.7 billion. What was Reynolds in his account was nearly 1,300 times that amount.

    Obviously, the number was quickly corrected by PayPal, Reynolds returning balance to what should be at the time: zero. However, he took it with humor. What would you do with all that money? First on his list was to pay domestic debt of the United States, and then buy the Philadelphia Phillies (baseball) , provided they obtain a good price for them. For reasons of privacy and security logic, PayPal did not comment on the incident, but the company sent an additional email to Reynolds, requesting you update credit card associated with your account. According to Reynolds, it seems that PayPal still not trust him, even though it was 92 000 billion dollars with them.

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