Patents valid: HTC could possibly stop iPhone and iPad sales

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A U.S. trade judge has indicated that it would be difficult for Apple to have to explain certain patents held by HTC void. That would mean that HTC could succeed to let prevent the sale of the current iPad and the next iPhone in the U.S..


Bloomberg quotes the ITC Judge Thomas Pender with the statement, “clearly and convincingly plays for me has a role” in assessing whether a patent was awarded rightly or wrongly. “I do have to be damn sure before I declare a U.S. patent to be invalid.”

HTC accuses Apple against breaches of its 4G mobile patents. Designated as 4G LTE mobile is far from Apple only included in the iPad 3, but according to a report from the weekend also be available worldwide with the iPhone 5, Apple almost certainly imagine tomorrow is.

Shall not the Judge of the trade authorities view the allegations as entitled to an import ban threatens to iPad 3 and iPhone 5 HTC would also have ammunition to counter Apple’s lawsuits against its own smartphones. The companies are in two years in dispute. He had begun with an Apple lawsuit in March 2010, which decided the ITC to Apple’s favor. 2011 HTC struck back with a countersuit around Wi-Fi patents. HTC could celebrate a success, especially in Britain, where a High Court judge ruled , four were sued by Apple three patents invalid, and not contrary to the fourth HTC.

Despite a declining trend in the U.S., HTC has another 6 per cent share of the smartphone market. Its Chairman Cher Wang had just two weeks ago , where combative when she told Asian media, HTC had “no intention to reach an agreement in the dispute with Apple out of court. HTC has to endure a great innovation ability and the confidence to a lawsuit against Apple. “

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