Patents: a new stage in the war between Google and Apple

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Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Google, Apple attack again for patent infringement. A new legal battle that shows how tense relations between the two giants.

New episode of the war of patents. Motorola Mobility, which is now a subsidiary of Google , has, according to Bloomberg, to attack a second time Apple in the United States. A complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), which aims to ban the import of overseas most devices designer of an apple: the iPhone and iPad but also Mac are concerned, after Bloomberg  !
Motorola’s complaint against the Cupertino covers seven different patents, such as location-based reminders or notifications by e-mail … She also attacked Siri, the voice assistant launched with the iPhone 4S. “We would settle these cases patents, but Apple refused to license these problems we have to defend ourselves and innovations of our engineers “ , said Motorola in a statement sent to Bloomberg.
“Google chose escalation,” said Florian Mueller , consultant and expert in intellectual property, on his blog. ”  This means that Google’s strategy to address the serious problems of intellectual property Android […] is to choose to go further in the hope that it leads to cross or agreements on mutual commitments not to pursue to justice “ , he says.

A background electric

A new judicial assault occurs in a context loaded. The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is entering its final straight and in a few days, the International Trade Commission, yet it will make its final judgment in the first case against Apple Motorola … A long-awaited final judgment, because in a preliminary The ITC ruled that Apple violated patents indeed a Motorola … This could pave the way for a ban on its products in the United States. 
But the case is far from being in the bag for Motorola. For this patent,  6246697 , affects a critical technology for the transmission of radio signals: ”  This is an essential patent to a standard that raises issues of competition and, thus, unlikely to cause a ban import “ , says Florian Mueller. The tension between Google and Apple has never been stronger. 

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