Patent dispute with Samsung: Apple releases new statement on its website

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Apple has on its UK site one recast the published ordered by a court declaration on the patent dispute with Samsung. You should make it clear that the Koreans did not copy Apple’s products.The original opinion had to remove the iPhone maker, because it contained, the Court considers “false” and “false” statements about Samsung.

On 18 October Judge Colin Birss ruled that Apple must declare on his website and in ads in British newspapers that neither Samsung nor Apple’s patents violated British lawsThus Apple is required to keep the “excuse” for a month on his website.

Samsung subsequently criticized in an appeals court the contents of the text published by Apple.It found that only the first paragraph in line with the requirements of Judge Birss and the other parts were not covered by the ruling. Among other things, a statement of the judge cited Apple from the first-instance trial, after which the iPad “a very cool” and Samsung’s products are “not so cool”. The last paragraph was also an Apple to lawsuits in Germany and the U.S. in order to argue that the British decision was in favor of Samsung’s an isolated incident.

“I am stunned that a company like Apple does something,” Appellate Judge Robin Jacob said in the past week. The extension of the application was a “clear violation” against the order of the court.

At the lower end of the UK Apple website is now an indication, according to which on 25Statement published in October “was erroneous and not the Court of Appeal for England and Wales in line”, and a link to the new version. It states now only, the High Court decided in July that does not infringe the proprietary Samsung’s Galaxy tablets of Apple design. That applies to the entire European Union judgment was on 18 October was confirmed by the Court of Appeal. In addition, due to the protected designs in any European country for an injunction against Samsung was adopted.

On Friday, the text also appeared in ads in several British newspapers, including The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Here, too, Apple limited the court-approved wording.

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