Patent dispute with Samsung: Apple must disclose iPhone profits

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Apple has in the patent dispute with Samsung Details on the gains that it achieves with the iPhone disclose. That the presiding judge Lucy Koh has ordered. As the British newspaper The Telegraph reported, she is interested in Apple’s sales, revenues and profit margins.


As a listed company Apple reported quarterly sales of its various products. The profit that it generates with any iPhone, it does not publicly. In court, the company always claimed that its competitors could benefit from this information. Koh is this argument appears to have agreed not.

“Apple could not prove that the publication of product-specific sales figures, revenues, profits, profit margins and costs of its competitors actually gives an advantage,” The Telegraph quoted from Koh’s verdict.Apple may now have recourse to the U.S. Court of Appeals in order to set aside the decision.

Also in the UK this week, Apple suffered a defeat. The British High Court upheld a judgment at first instance that the company needs in various major newspapers run ads that demonstrate that Samsung has not copied the design of Apple’s mobile devices.

According to the appellate judge’s logo on the front of Samsung’s products is sufficient to distinguish the device from Apple’s design can. Moreover, it is not irrelevant whether Samsung had copied Apple’s intellectual property, but whether the devices from both companies were too similar, according to the citation.

“We continue to believe that Apple did not first developed a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners, and there are many examples of Apple’s registered design is Prior Art,” said Samsung, the decision of the High Court also in the UK, Apple the opportunity to appeal, and the Supreme Court to call.

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