Partial success for Samsung, HTC and Apple to disclose license agreement

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Both companies, like HTC and Apple have decided to make no precise information on the deal, so conjecture and speculation about the amount of fees the door was opened.

The analyst Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee has been married to his clients to make allegations and stated that he believed that HTC will pay 6-8 dollars per unit sold to Apple.CEO Peter Chou said at a product launch in Tokyo that these numbers are very, very wrong and it were plucked from the air. However, he refuses to make arrangements to provide figures or public.

Samsung this Agreement is not yet of great interest, because so far is clear which patents are included in this Agreement. Especially the company is important to find out whether there is any overlap of patents which the Californian company has brought against Samsung because if the suspicion is confirmed, the South Korean company would argue that Apple basically agrees that such competition patents used and demanded money for it, on his side.

The application Samsung held that the license “a direct impact on the issue of irreparable harm,” and has “whether a reasonable compensation” is.

Apple showed the argument raised by Samsung application, although concessions, but wanted to let blacken certain passages. This left but the Judge Paul S. Grewal not and demanded the disclosure of the agreement in its entirety and the reasons for its decision with the fact that many third parties had to disclose their agreement to the lawyers and even in this case it could be crucial for the course of the negotiations .

So far, no details about the license agreement between Apple and HTC are revealed to the public. But no later than 6 December, when the two parties see each other again before the court is to assume that this is the topic.

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