Paid over 490,000 euros for an Apple I

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The maximum amount that was paid by a similar team of 285,659 euros had been.

The auction house Auction Team Breker, specializing in historical technological equipment, has sold 491,868 Apple I for euros . This is the highest price paid for one of the computers from Apple, which has become a piece of history.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Apple have gone down in history for pioneering computing in personal computing. His association and making Apple I, a computer artisan was the prelude to the PC , are already undeniable part of the history of one of the most important in the world of technology.

The first computer of the two Steve’s all a cult, revered by followers of the company and computer lovers. The Apple I, almost artisanal production, marked the launch of Apple and the consolidation of an entire market. were manufactured about 200 units and now have become cult objects.

The passion for this team and Apple is such that there have been auctions and sales of Apple devices I have reached significant numbers.So far, the sale of a unit of the terminal in New York held the record for transactions known price. Specifically, for the Apple I was paid $ 374,500 (285,659.8 euros) in June this year . However, that figure has almost come to nothing after the auction house Auction Team Breker has managed to sell an Apple I for $ 630,000 (491,868 euros).

The team, according to Business Insider worked perfectly, had several pieces signed by Steve Wozniak , founder of Apple and responsible for manufacturing the terminal. Although it was initially hoped to sell the terminal to get a figure between 120,000 and 200,000 euros, the end result has exceeded all expectations. This is another example of the passion and admiration that Apple generates, its history and its role in the development of computing.

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