Overheating caused server failures Outlook and SkyDrive

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Microsoft has explained the failure that caused the March 12, the users of SkyDrive, Hotmail and Outlook could not access the services . The company has apologized and assured that the failure was due to overheating of the servers.

Microsoft vice president, Arthur de Haan, has published a post on the blog of Outlook where explained and apologized for the service failure of some email servers and file storage. Arthur de Haan has been suggested that the failure was caused by overheating of servers because of an update of firmware .

“I sincerely apologize to anyone who could not access their e-mail during the outage. Blackouts are something we take very seriously and we invest a lot of time and energy to do everything possible to avoid them, “said Haan in its ‘post’.

 I want to sincerely apologize to anyone who could not access their e-mail during the interruption has detailed Vice President at noon on March 12 and into the early hours of March 13, the operation of some of the company’s services were interrupted . This affected, minimally, the SkyDrive service and, mainly, Hotmail and Outlook . Throughout the afternoon, almost evening, completely restored and operation.

On 12 operators performed an update of firmware on the servers.This update, which had already been successful on other servers, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the servers , which eventually caused the failure described above.

Due to the high temperature of the server is taking a series of security measures  that prevented access to the message boxes located on those servers, and also prevented or access other parts of the infrastructure were affected.

Once the problem was identified, the team was alerted immediately and began working to restore access and fix the problem ASAP. Thanks to the quick intervention, most mailboxes were completely restored by midnight of the same day and the rest was completed at 5:30 am fix of U.S..

With this post the company expects to fix potential failures and pains caused to its customers, in addition to those affected understand the causes and solutions to be implemented so that it does not recur. Microsoft Vice President has been used to refer to a page where users can always look if Microsoft services work perfectly or are faulty.

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